Daniel Zingg, 1970

University graduate from Juventus Zürich in Electronics and Electrical Engineering (Diplom. El. Ing. FH)

Over 30 years of professional experience.

4 years Apprenticeship as electronic engineer
4 years After sales engineer in Europe for textile and print finishing machines
4 years Project leader for the electrical equipment of letter sequencers
3 years Project leader for 2 innovation projects, involving the development of 5 axis high-speed milling machines
5 years COO for a Swiss machine manufacturer; 140 employees; turnover > CHF 200 million; production of 700 machines annually
2 years CEO for a Swiss company for auxiliary equipment for the plastics processing industry (dosing and blending of granules); 100 employees; turnover > CHF 25 million
Since 2008

Interim manager

Language Skills
 German, English; written and spoken